Available Bassets

Many of the people who contact us think they want a basset puppy.  What's not to love about those big paws and ears down to there?  We do get puppies in from time to time but we are very particular about the family that we place them with.  For anyone who has raised a basset puppy knows..,they are cute and lovable as well as destructive, overactive, bundles of trouble!  There is a reason we get so many younger bassets in rescue, they take extraordinary time, energy and patience to survive puppy hood.  Most people don't do their homework and realize too late that the idea they had about bassets doesn't match this devil puppy they have brought into their house!

We like to joke that bassets don't get their brains until they are at least two -  Sometimes even later!  For those people that are brave, are committed to spending the time it takes to raise a basset properly and who don't mind the occasional chewed up shoe or cell phone, you may want to consider a basset that is two to four years old.  They still take a lot of time and energy to raise, but hopefully they have settled down a bit - at least enough that you don't have to stay awake 24/7 watching over their mischevious ways.

The adult bassets are wonderful and have gotten over most of their trouble making and are starting to come into their full basset personality.  We think five is the perfect age for those people that want plenty of years to spend with their basset.  Generally they are couch potatoes (at least most of the time) and tolerate the day to day activities of your family well.  Most of them will do just fine staying alone at home while you are at work and will be ready to accept your love and devotion when you arrive home.

Our seniors are extra special.  They are the most wonderful and loving bassets imaginable.  These often are the unforgettable cases.  How anyone could dump their basset that has given them years of love is beyond us.  All they ask from you is a soft bed, good food and the occasional belly rub.  In return you will get more love than you can ever imagine.  The most rewarding adoption is for a senior to be taken in to their "really"  forever home. 

So please keep an open mind as you take a look at our:

Bassets Available For Adoption