The Daily Drool Q&A

The Daily Drool Calendar is a longstanding tradition among Basset Hound lovers around the world. When this special calendar was in danger of disappearing forever, Basset Rescue of Florida volunteered to step in to preserve it. Last year was a great success and the hope is to double sales for 2017. It’s a much needed fundraiser for our organization, but Basset Rescue of Florida also makes a donation to rescues specializing in caring for senior Basset Hounds.

Information and updates will be available here on our site and on our Facebook Page. There is an e-newsletter specifically for Daily Droolers too so click here if you want to receive email updates. The storefront is within our website to make it easy for everyone to locate. The link is at the very top of the page but you can also click here for The Daily Drool Calendar Store. If you participated in our fundraiser last year, please note that the rules, costs, and storefront sign-in & password are the same.

Because there are only a certain amount of pages available, we need all Droolers to please honor the spirit of the calendar and only purchase one date in the first round. When Round 2 begins, you can purchase all the other available dates you want. Please note that for every date that you reserve, you will also receive a calendar.  So if you are able to reserve a date in Round 1 and then others in Round 2, you will receive one calendar for each date purchased.

The calendar bases are the same as previous years. If you have one, you do not need to purchase another. If this is your first year or you’d like to give the Calendar as a gift, please buy a stand as well.


As mentioned above, there is a storefront with a shopping cart system to sell the dates (use your sign in & password from last year if you have one). Each day of the year is listed in the store and has an inventory of one (1). When someone signs up for that date (purchases it), the inventory will be zero (0) and no longer available. You will need to pay at the time of check out. If making an online payment is an issue for you, please send us an email before the sale begins and we can make arrangements ahead of time. Or if you are stuck in the middle of the order process and don’t know what to do, please email us your phone number and we will call to walk you through it.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for your calendar although PayPal handles our credit card processing. You will have a choice to pay with PayPal or securely enter your credit card information. (An e-check is different than a credit card, it’s a draft straight out of your bank account.)

Very important note: Even if you put a date into your cart, it is not official until the purchase is final. So please have your payment info handy.

There is also an Extra Calendar Category (without date purchase) and those can be bought at any time up until mid-September when sales are closed. Calendar Stands are important if you do not have one. But if you do from a previous year, it is not necessary to buy another.

The Auction for the Calendar Cover, Monthly Divider Pages, and “End” Page is highly competitive. While your Basset Hound’s picture for the Calendar Dates and Cover cannot have any humans, the Dividers can. So the Dividers are a great way to honor someone special in your life or Basset Hound Community. And who doesn’t like to show their Basset’s Bum? The “End” Page is so fun.

Please note:  Starting two weeks before Calendar Dates go on sale, emails will be sent and postings on our website & Facebook Page will be made as a reminder of the important timeline outlined below. If you would like to be on The Daily Drool Calendar eblast list, click here. You can unsubscribe at any time. (This is separate from the Basset Rescue of Florida quarterly e-newsletters.)


June 4 at 1pm EST – June 18:  Round 1 Calendar Date Sales
(Please sign up for only one date during this round.)

June 18 at 1pm EST until dates are all gone:  Round 2 Calendar Date Sales
(Those who reserved a date in Round 1 can reserve more dates at this time.)

July 2 at 1pm EST – July 16 at 1pm EST:  Auction for the Calendar Cover, Monthly Divider Pages, and “End” Page

July 31:  Deadline to get info & pictures in for the Calendar Dates

August 15:  Deadline to get info & pictures in for the Cover, Monthly Divider Pages, and “End” Page

September 16:  Closing date for calendar sales

October 1:  Calendar goes to printer

October 29 – November 6:  Calendars ship in time for the Holidays

Calendar Dates are $39.95 (include a calendar but not a stand)
Calendars are $29.95
Calendar Stands are $20.00 (if you have a stand from a previous year you are all set)


U.S. shipping cost is included. International Shipping will be billed to the purchaser at the time of shipment. If you have a particular way we need to ship via USPS [United States Postal Service] that will save you money, please put in the notes or send an email to

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for your calendar although PayPal handles our credit card processing. You will have a choice to pay with PayPal or securely enter your credit card information. (An e-check is different than a credit card, it’s a draft straight out of your bank account.)

Remember that the date you choose is not saved until you actually pay for it – so don’t leave it hanging around in your cart.

If you order one, two, or three calendars, they will be mailed individually in USPS [United States Postal Service] Flat Rate Boxes. If you order four or more calendars, or any size order that also contains a calendar stand, your order will be shipped in one box.


If buying a calendar for someone else, please indicate that shipping address on your order.
(And don’t forget if they do not have a calendar from a previous year, they will need a stand.)

Basset Rescue of Florida and different Basset Hound rescues that specialize in caring for seniors.  For 2017, we will be donating a portion of the calendar sales three ways: HOPS, BAGS, and then between 12 rescues supported by Debbie’s Dawgs.
Calendar Dates go on sale in two rounds. You must buy the date before submitting your image and text. The Calendar Cover, Monthly Divider Pages, and the “End” Page are also available but reserved at a separate time through an online auction.

Once you secure a date or divider, you can upload your high quality picture along with the some additional details by clicking the next tab over called Submit Your Basset.  The form asks you to provide your hound’s name with a (*) if they are a rescue and (ATB) if they are At the Bridge.  Next, we will need the name(s) of the person(s) who love them and your city and state/province (and country if outside North America).

If you have more than one date, please submit separately. For a sample layout from last year, please click here.

For the Calendar Dates: No humans in the picture and non-Basset Hounds can be in the picture but only with a Basset.
For the Monthly Dividers: As part of the tradition, we encourage these pages to honor special Basset Hound rescue people.
Cover and “End” Page: Basset Hounds only.

1. Just keep shooting – take lots of photos since animals tend to not stay still. If you can, try moving around – stand on your tip toes, get down on the ground, lean to one side… look for a different or unique angle.

2. Use as much natural lighting as possible

3. Try to aim for a “clutter-free” background

4. Also avoid overly bright backgrounds as they tend to wash out the subject.

Also keep these tips in mind when you are choosing a picture already in your photo album.

Please note: You must purchase a calendar date (or month)
prior to submitting your picture and information.

Enter Your Calendar Date (month and day):*

Your Full Name*

Your Phone Number*

Your Email Address*

Title for Picture:*

Name of Basset Hound(s) in Picture:*

Loved By:*


Additional Information Regarding Your Submission:

Did you participate in The Daily Drool Calendar last year?:

Please attach a high quality photo of your Basset Hound as a JPG, TIF, PNG, or PDF file (5MB max file size).*

The Daily Drool Example Layout
If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please email